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Centar, Požega
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Realestate type:
Total rooms:
98.000€ (738.381 kn)1 € = 7,53450 kn
Square size:
120 m2
Plot square size:
950 m2


LOCATION: POŽEGA- NOVOSELCIbetween Pleternica and Požega, 7 km from Pleternica, 10 km from Požega
The house is located in a dead end street.

DESCRIPTION: Year of construction: 2000. Year of facade construction: 2010.
Year of last renovation: 2020. New plumbing PPR and Aluplex installation and new bathroom. Living area of ​​the house: 120 m²
Usable area of ​​the building next to the house (in the key): 50 m² - covered area
42 m² - covered and closed space
20 m² - woodshed
Infrastructure: water is from a well (water heater 180 liters), sewerage (septic tank), electricity, telephone, asphalt, railway station, school bus
Currently, the city sewer system is under construction, the city water supply exists but is not connected due to the existence of its own well. The gas network is in the city plan of Pleternica (currently it does not exist)
The house is heated using wood-burning central heating.

The house consists of a hallway, a comfortable living room with a kitchen, a larger bedroom for the parents and two smaller rooms that are children's rooms, bathrooms, a storage room (pantry) and another storage room under the stairs to the first floor (attic).
All the listed living space is located on the ground floor of the house.
The house has central heating with a wood-burning stove, each room has "Lipovica" radiators, and the heating itself is very efficient and financially favorable considering the consumption of wood and the excellent thermal insulation of the house itself (styrofoam facade 5 cm, well-insulated Novoterm ceiling 14 cm ). The building's carpentry is wooden (iso glass), with excellent properties and appearance, except in the bathroom, where it is PVC only due to the increased humidity of the bathroom itself).
The house has separated electricity according to the rules of the profession, and the installation was inspected by an authorized engineer from HEP before connection. There is a switchable clock and a two-tariff meter.
The protection is carried out by the zeroing procedure.
The entire house is a reinforced concrete construction with walls made of modular block bricks MB-3, built on a 30 cm external and load-bearing central wall. The walls are plastered with lime-cement plaster.

The roof of the house is constructed with a gable roof, using fir/spruce wood from Gorski kotar. Horns are 10/14, nazidnice 14/16, wedding dresses 18/22 cm, each pair of horns is connected by so-called with two pliers with screws. The cover itself is a clay tile. Construction sheet metal is galvanized.

Floors: In the kitchen there is linoleum, in the living room there is a wooden solid fir/spruce floor, in all other rooms there are laminates for the living areas, the corridor is tiled.
The entrance door is a unique handmade product with a very interesting appearance, forged fittings and an anti-burglary lock.
There is no moisture, mold or unpleasant odors in the house.
The house is sold with all furniture (without personal belongings).

The attic space has never been renovated, but it is planned for possible renovation (water, electricity and telephone). At present, the attic floor is covered with 14 cm glass wool and planks have been installed so that the attic can be walked on.

Description of the auxiliary building next to the house:

Next to the house there is (in the key) an auxiliary facility with separated electricity. The first part next to the house is a covered and arranged shed, there is water, drainage, electricity and a concrete floor, designed for parking cars and summer celebrations, festivals (50 m²). The second part is a brick, closed building intended for a workshop or any other purpose (42 m²). The third part is a woodshed (18 m²)

The yard is the front part - the road part arranged with gravel - aggregate 8-16, and the second part is a grassy area surrounded by cypress trees, where there is also an attractive wooden gazebo of approx. 12 m² for socializing from spring to autumn.

The house is located on a plot of approx. 950 m², which is one plot, with the plot there is an extension of the orchard, a garden, and an auxiliary building (50 m²) for tools, wood, etc.., an outdoor toilet, of approx. 1100 m², which is a separate plot .

Furthermore, there is also a beautiful acacia forest of approx. 400 m², which is an integral part of the entire property.
In the extension is the state forest - Croatian Forests, pure nature, a very pleasant and peaceful place to live for all age groups. To escape from the urban and hectic lifestyle, choosing this property is the ideal choice for people who want a view of nature, deer and greenery.
COVID FREE - Given that there is arable land, the house is self-sufficient in terms of food production and in the past "lockdown" of the nation, it proved to be very effective in terms of freedom of movement and food sufficiency for one family.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As the entire garden is under a slight slope, in the event of several days of rain, there is no water retention or flooding.

Walnut plantation
There is a possibility of selling walnut plantations in the field, fenced on an area of ​​1.5 ha. In the orchard there are 200 grafted walnut trees, a cottage with electricity through solar panels, a well with drinking water and installed walnut irrigation. I do not sell the walnut plantation separately, it is sold exclusively to the buyer of the house if the buyer wants it, and the walnut plantation has its own price and is not included in the price of the house and garden.
Price of a house with a garden: 98,000 Euros
The price of a walnut plantation: 50,000 Euros (note: the plantation is technologically perfect, and that it is related, registered in the Agency for Payments in Agriculture and

For more information, contact an agent.

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  • Energy class: Energy certificate in the process of obtaining
  • Electricity
  • Central heating
Basic infrastructure
  • Septic tank
Real estate description
  • Furnitured/Equipped
  • wooden doors and windows


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